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Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 30 Run: Blue Slide Park, Beechwood Blvd. at Nicholson St.

We'll meet at the entrance to Blue Slide Park, where my teenage daughter was once arrested for setting a bush on fire (it was someone else but god knows what she was doing) - and locus of undoubtedly many interesting tales about our children.

Last week we ran through the early morning light and pastel colors of Frick Park in April. Chris asked why we have to run this early. That's the reason! It was fairly glorious, and then we headed back to the 61C to cvetch, endorse, and otherwise commune. It was one of those standard Sunday runs that just had it all.

Here they are:
Nail polish - the kind that changes color.  Available at Kim Nails on S. Highland.  We couldn't agree on gel, or no gel.  But make sure the manicurist remembers her glasses.
Ordering online - if you put something in your "cart" but don't buy it, sometimes you'll get a discount offer later on.  This happened twice!
Events at Alphabet City (aka City of Asylum) - musical and literary, so much happening.
Really special underpants, period. If you want to find out more: Thinx.
Book:  Norwegian by Night - called "Octogenarian Chic", but sounds adorable.
Movie:  Harmonia - the Abraham-Sarah-Hagar story taking place in the Israeli Philharmonic
Nursery:  Mctighe's Garden Center in Glenshaw
Weird place:  Trundle Manor, "the most bizarre private collection on public display", i.e. a cat uterus, enough said.
The fact that Jagoff has a Wikipedia entry.  More than you ever wanted to know.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 16 Run: 61C Cafe Squirrel Hill

Easter Sunday we'll (actually you'll, since I won't be there - so remember to sign up someone for the message) start and end at 61C, and the theme will be, appropriately, "places of worship." There are surely lots of them in the neighborhood!  Wear your Easter bonnet.

Last Sunday we made an East Liberty-Garfield-Friendship circuit, which was way more direct than our usual meanderings.  Also shorter, so more time to schmooze at the Ace - where we grabbed the best seating in our sweaty exercise clothes.  Through truth to tell, the hotel guests didn't look much better.  Lots of runners, lots of blab, lots of fun, lots of endorsements:

  • Alphabet City on the North Side, home to the City of Asylum, Casellula, and the new bookstore.
  • Gearfest - where Thriftique meets REI - consignment for outdoor gear, and beer too!  April 23 right there at the Ace
  • The Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh - but how's their cashmere?
  • Hygge - we heard it was hip
  • Free Ride - bike collective
  • Seriously, the sanctuary inside of the East Liberty Presyterian Church across the street is magnificent - if it were in Europe it would be full of tourists.  Go see it!
(Thanks to Teri for photo!)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

April 9 Run: Meet at Ace Hotel in East Liberty

Next Sunday we'll meet at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty - which ups our hipster quotient considerably.  And for those of us that think that has to do with hips, maybe it does.

Last Sunday's downtown run was awesome. Not only was the weather perfect, but we crossed 2 bridges, saluted PNC Park,  got terrific river views up and down the Ohio, AND we made our way into the seriously fenced-in Bicycle Heaven compound, where we were given a tour and a shortcut by our new friend, the kind-hearted night watchman (I'm guessing since he was there at 7:30 a.m.) He remotely opened the giant warehouse gates for us as we shouted our thanks into the security camera.
Many endorsements, and photos!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

April 2 Run: Downtown at PPG Place fountain

On Sunday we meet at the PPG Place Fountain downtown (parking usually available on 4th Ave.) There was some talk of going over to the North Side and maybe up the trail on the Ohio, but we'll cross that bridge, etc.  Oh, and there are also the red buds that are just coming out on the North Shore - will we make it?

Quick review:  Last week's run on the South Side was delightful and involved 2 bridges and lovely views over the water.  We decided that the pavement on S. Carson St. on a Sunday morning was too gross to revisit, though.

Project Prom needs seamstresses, Wendy reports - get your needles ready for next year
Mindfulness - always
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse - Thriftique for creative people
Going to the Citizenship ceremony (15 countries represented) - especially inspirational in these times
Social capital - more people in your life - especially us
Pearl Nails, ask for Lynn
Pittsburgh Dance Council
Arrival - the movie
Missing Richard Simmons - the podcast

When does long hair become witchy?
Whither mahjongg?
Where's your arthritis?

"She's working me down from bright colors to natural."
"This is what democracy looks like!"

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 26 Run: South Side run starting at Big Dog Coffee (2717 Sarah St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203)

Next week we’ll try to take in two bridges on the South Side and we’ll see what’s new along Carson St...

Don’t ever underestimate the power of Joanne to draw folks out of bed and into Highland Park! It was great to see the BIG turnout for this week’s run and Joanne deftly lead us through the grand streets of Highland Park and the homey Pittsburgh warmth of Morningside. And no, it wasn’t even unbearably hilly!  Coffee at Taza Doro was delightful….hmmm….did anyone take notes (sorry Roye!)?

(Thanks, Lainy, for posting!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 19 Run: Highland Park (or thereabouts) run starting at Tazza D'Oro on Highland

Next week meet at Enrico's Tazza D'Oro - old favorite on Highland Ave.  Sadly I have to miss it - don't forget to pick someone to write this next week :-)

We thought there was nothing new under the... grey sky - but we discovered unseen parts of Bloomfield last Sunday, as we circled through those mysterious treeless streets of row houses, down past giant rusted pipes strewed outside the defunct Iron City Brewery, and alongside railroad tracks and the busway.  Well, maybe not so pretty but kind of fascinating, and then we came across the Iron Eden workshops and also store (photo), the "Try Try Try Stairs" (Laurie's find), a tiny Italian bakery in a garage, and the fanciest masonry parking spaces ever seen. Multiple endorsements from the very comfy Crazy Mocha on Liberty:

  • African-American History Museum in DC - tickets are sold out for months but you can get same-day ones online or by phone at 6:30 am if you're quick on the draw.
  • A great funky song from circa 1989 - Walk the Dinosaur - known to have been played on juke box at Nico's Recovery Room
  • The Americans series on Amazon Prime.  (While discussing this a random guy pops up and says "I'm hooked on it!  And it explains why there are no pay phones any more!") 
  • Bad Lip Reading - still a riot
  • Book Bad Feminist
  • Movie:  Get Out! 
  • Advice from Lainy's Mom (a former model):  When being photographed, ankles together!  
photo credits:  thanks, Virginia!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

March 12 Run: Bloomfield run starting at Crazy Mocha, 4525 Liberty Ave

New exploration going into deep Bloomfield on Sunday, starting and ending at Crazy Mocha at 4525 Liberty Ave. (near Tessaro's.)

Last Sunday was memorable, starting with heading out Butler Street toward the zoo and passing a zone of hipster outlets too numerous to count including one window full of lace, the Home of Gently Worn Bridal Gowns.  Heading up some unknown Pittsburgh stairs as long as the Stairway to Heaven, we came to a "Stairs Closed" sign about 3/4 of the way up.  Naturally we decided to bushwhack the rest and run through a couple of backyards, arriving way way up at the top of Upper Lawrenceville. Verdict: adorable.

Then down down to the aforementioned Abbey on Butler with truly over the top Victorian atmospherics, and a cozy place in front of the fire.  Great coffee!  And a surprise welcome return of Aimee now with 2 beautiful children, and maybe Women's History Month too, led us to new-fangled diapers (superthin, HareKrishna, bamboo), handsfree breast pumps, and when is best to go back to work after childbirth (a Friday.)  Also advice heard in January:  "if you have a urethra and are going to the march..."

We realized that our next run falls exactly on Purim, Jewish festival of hamentaschen, Queen Esther, and origin of the term "the whole megillah."  Though not Magilla Gorilla.  Wendy reminded us of the eternal theme of Jewish festivals:  "They tried to kill us. We survived.  Let's eat!" of which there are several musical versions on Youtube.

Just a few endorsements:
  • Andrew Carnegie Free Library in Carnegie with civil war room
  • New White Whale bookstore on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield
  • North Park when the frogs are mating (site of run soon!)
Here was the best part:  no mention of T----p the whole time.

                                                                                              Photo credits:  Michele and me.