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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

January 8 Run: Schenley Park starting at Wendy Bennett Trailhead

Hoping for a non-icy wintry scene in Schenley Park, we're meeting at the storied Wendy Bennett Trailhead where Bartlett meets Hobart in Schenley Park (map).  If there's ice, we'll re-route from there.  

Last week:  another holiday weekend with 2 excellent runs around Squirrel Hill.  See photos for the little lights in the dark scene from Fernwald Drive, and the cute gingerbread house at the cozy 61C.  I'm currently in Colorado at 7800 feet with about 10 inches of snow falling, so I'm definitely not running around here, but I did go ice skating on a frozen lake.  

Found in Philly:  chocolate chip and cherry cookies - recipe.
Quantum Theatre - many of its productions are just unforgettable.  Also the amazing offerings of Pittsburgh theater in general
Movies:  Fences (Pittsburgh!), Manchester-by-the-sea (especially if you miss Boston accents), Jackie (ditto, to an extent), and Man of the Year with Robin Williams (prescient) 
Book: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Clark
Recycling, especially sweaters!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

January 1 and 2 Runs! 61C Café on Murray at 7 (Jan 1) ; then Blue Slide Park on Beechwood Blvd at 7:30 (Jan 2) What better way to start the new Year!!

61C says Yes, they will be open on News Years Day at 8 a.m. (thank you for checking, Cheryl), so we’ll start the year off with that weather friendly location at 7.  Then the extra holiday run will take place in Squirrel Hill South, starting at the entrance to Frick Park by the Blue Slide Playground on Beechwood Blvd at 7:30.  If the weather cooperates and we have some morning light (sunrise is scheduled for 7:43 a.m.) we can get in some wooded trails and the usual spectacular park views…   

How is it that we failed to take even one photo on last Sunday’s Christmas morning run? Must be that Sarah W was away and the rest of us fell down on the job. We had an enthusiastic group, heading through Chatham and then Shadyside, climbing back up to coffee at Starbucks in Squirrel Hill.  

Monday’s holiday run started in Shadyside, where we welcomed back Cheryl and a new friend, Jan. We ran through Oakland passing the giftwrapped house on Fifth Avenue and visiting the Shrine of the Blessed Mother, before returning for coffee at Coffee Tree on Walnut street. Coffee highlights included Cheryl pulling a mystery item out of her running tights…the hysterical laughter seems to have wiped out any other memories of that coffee chat.

Posted by Elaine (thank you!) - now endorsements from Sunday being added by Roye:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 25 and 26 Runs: Starbucks on Forbes at 7; then Coffee Tree on Walnut Street at 7:30

This holiday posed a new dilemma: is the Christmas Day run at holiday-time or regular time?  This required no less than a group referendum. And, planned locations have been switched, by me.  After checking with the usual coffee haunts, (apparently the ONLY coffee place open on Christmas Day is Squirrel Hill Starbucks,) we'll start there on Sunday at 7.  Then the extra holiday run on Monday will take place in Shadyside, starting at the Coffee Tree on Walnut at 7:30. Did I make that confusing or what?  Sorry - just look at the title of this posting, it's all there.

Last Sunday, what looked like it was going to be a miserable freezing rainy run kept all but a valiant two of us in bed, but then the attraction of visiting Cheryl in her new Cork Factory apartment made the rest of us hop out and get there in time for coffee. Stunning views (picture doesn't do it justice,) elegant coziness and terrific company of course made it hard to leave.
Just some of the endorsements that surfaced:

Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 18 Run: Start at the Cork Factory (Apartments), 2349 Railroad St. in the Strip

(Thanks to Elaine, this week's communicator!)

December 18 Run: We'll start at the Cork Factory to join Cheryl, have a strip district run, and she'll treat us to coffee in her new apartment. Meet at: the Main building of the Cork Factory 2349 Railroad St. in the Strip.

Sunday’s run was the annual tour of downtown holiday decorations…The new “neighborhood” Christmas tree at the City/County building was delightful and alas, no PVC pipe menorah in site. The Christmas windows at the former Kaufmann’s department store have been replaced with photos by Teeny Harris (of Pittsburgh Courier fame). The tour included a few gilded and marbled lobbies in downtown buildings (Koppers, Gulf, William Penn Hotel). Oh, and we found a note in the snow welcoming us to the Christmas tree at Point Park (see photo)….maybe Santa left it? (or someone else whose name starts with San….?)  
Coffee at Market Square Starbucks included endorsements for:

·        All things cat…including cat Instagram accounts and cats in the bathtub
·        Drunk History on the comedy channel
·        Luther- on Netflix
·        Flying Falcon with prey vs driver in Oakland
David Adler’s History books for grown-ups who want to read books written for young readers
·        Congrats to Aimee on the birth of baby boy Alexander Conrad! We all look forward to meeting him and seeing you back on the streets…

Thursday, December 08, 2016

December 11 Run: Annual Holiday Run! Starts at PPG skating rink downtown

On Sunday we're in for the annual Dahntahn Holiday Run, starting at the PPG ice rink, where we go from one festive site to another, and comment on what's new, what's old, and whether they've finally replaced that wretched PVC pipe menorah with a decent one. But what will replace the Kaufmann's windows?  I won't be there, so please report.  (Speaking of which, thank you in advance to whomever takes over this message next week.  Special treat to announce:  on the 18th, we'll start at the Cork Factory to join Cheryl, have a strip district run, and she'll treat us to coffee in her new hip apartment!)

Last week's trek through Frick Park was just right, and we did find the secret rope ladder entrance, and also a truly impressive inflatable Hanukah scene - rivaling the awesome inflatable Mary on the North Side, which we really must revisit one of these days.

  • Burgatory burgers
  • Hot toddies as the best winter medicine
  • Tile wireless trackers for finding anything. Easy to use?  "I don't know - my daughter set it up."
  • Strange mysteries emanating from baby monitors
  • Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks
  • Moonlight the movie
  • the Cheswick Goodwill as a source for more cashmere

Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 4 Run: Colfax School on Beechwood Blvd.

On Sunday we'll meet at Colfax School on Beechwood Blvd. Maybe we'll revisit the new Frick Environmental Center?  Or the secret entrance to the park via rope line? Plans were sketchy, in fact I'm not even sure this was the locale, but we'll go with it.  Coffee most likely at 61C.  Coming soon: annual holiday run downtown!

Last week we ran at dawn, and tweaked a familiar route along Penn Ave in East Liberty - first paying respects to the once hopeful Democratic campaign HQ in Bakery Square (alav hasholom) and then heading up into high Garfield where Pam posed with an alarming crocodile and we encountered a bunch of whimsical decorations and a terrific view.

At coffee by the fireplace, we were treated to a celebrity visit by the adorable Iggie (his grandparents came too) and heard about the new Quantum Theater opera, wedding wardrobe malfunctions, and families and their mishegoss.  (All this Yiddish - must be the holidays!)

Thanks to group photojournalist Sarah for the photos!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 27 Run: Mellon Park parking lot where Beechwood meets Fifth Ave.

This week has been a bit crazy, so no news (also I lost the napkin.)  Let's just say we'll meet at the Mellon Park parking lot where Beechwood ends at Fifth Ave.   Coffee most likely at Bakery Square Coffee Tree, and we'll probably head up Penn Ave. to Allegheny Cemetery and try to run off some of that butter-laden holiday.  Though feel free to invent something new!