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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 23 Run: Meet at Bakery Square outside Coffee Tree

We’ll explore the continuing redevelopment of East Liberty, Garfield, and Bloomfield. Or maybe even go in a different direction..?

This past Sunday a sizeable crowd showed up for our ritual trespass run through the Pittsburgh Grand Prix racing grounds, otherwise known as our own Schenley Park. How dare those ersatz security people tell us that we can’t access our trails or find our way out of the park…! After the run there was 61C coffee and Sharon’s outrageous homemade blueberry cake. No napkin notes again but it was a perfectly delightful morning to lounge with coffee in the outdoor seating area.

(Thanks to Lainy for posting)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 16 Run: Meet at 61C Squirrel Hill for a run to the Paddock

Not sure it's called that, but it's a great name!  Reminded by Sharon that it's Grand Prix weekend, we can start at the 61C and head over to Schenley Park to tour the vintage cars on view, and evade the traffic tie-ups.

The run was in Regent Square last weekend and hit some favorite stairs in the neighborhood - I'm still on the DL so just biked there in time for coffee and chat. (Reminder:  anyone can show up for coffee!) As we reminisced, we realized that our group coffee habit began in the early 2000's as Virginia and Michelle discovered they had a little time to kill after a run.  And then Lainy reminded us that the whole week-to-week thing pre-dated email and that the upcoming route was transmitted by human voice alone. "We actually said it!" This seems like science fiction. Endorsements, however, are a more recent phenom.

Here are a few:
  • The Medóc Marathon, in Bordeaux, France which has 23 wine stops.  (We can dream.)
  • (As I looked that up, I also found that the Guardian newspaper - for which, thumbs up! - also has an entire section on Running.)
  • Someone recommended a book called the "Love of Running" which I can't locate on Amazon, but which may be "For the love of running" by Rudrani Devi, but it also might be "Train your brain to love running with self-hypnosis," "Get off your ass and run: a tough love running program," "Stop running from love" or possibly "All's fair:  love, war, and running for President."
  • For handyperson recommendations, besides Angie's List (which requires subscribing) try Thumbtack.
  • For getting rid of stuff, there are Off the Floor, Thriftique, and Freecycle.  Nextdoor lets you post to your neighbors and also is the essence of nebby.
  • Isis and Trixie (pictured) seen at the former Fire Engine Park on my way back.  (Couldn't let this go without a photo.)

Monday, July 03, 2017

July 9 Run: 61B Cafe on Braddock Ave. in Regent Square - also don't forget Tuesday July 4 Holiday Run: 61C Cafe on Murray Ave, 7:30 am

(Don’t forget! Tuesday July 4 Holiday Run: 61C Cafe on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill AT7:30 am)

July 9 Run: 61B Cafe on Braddock Ave in Regent SquareMichelle will lead us on a tour of Edgewood, including an infamous staircase.   

About a dozen runners gathered Sunday morning for a sunny and warm loop through the Strip District, over and along the Mon, under the convention center tunnel, and atop the loading docks of Smallman Street. Coffee and pastry happened under a brilliant blue sky. We welcomed Mark, Kendall, and McKenzie, and literally ran into Laurie’s daughter Mary! Happy 4th of July to all!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 18 Run: Meet at Commonplace at Voluto at 5467 Penn Ave. for Allegheny Cemetery Run

We'll meet at Commonplace at Voluto at 5467 Penn Ave. for a run involving the atmospheric Allegheny Cemetery and whatever we find around it.  We really can go in any direction from there so if anyone has a creative plan, bring it.

Last week was uncharacteristically lightly attended (do you know there are 127 people on this list?) but it's the return of summer travels, and also summer injuries (barefoot days means I just sprained my toe, damn it, so no running for a while.)  But it was a lovely run through the park - Lainy's back with tales of Ireland, London, and the Hebrides - Sharon brought along visiting family and a lively pooch - someone's kid is off to HelpX for the summer? - we're doing a pretty good job not talking politics and so there's relief from the current outrage.  Come along for a T-free zone!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

June 11 Run: Wendy Bennett Trailhead and Schenley Park

I just checked and we haven't met here since January - time for a Schenley Park run with leaves.  For anyone out there who is still waiting to join the run and might be tempted, but has no idea what the Wendy Bennett Trailhead is - here's a map - it's at the very beginning of Overlook Drive, right off Bartlett St./Greenfield Rd.  Coffee will be back at the 61C of course.

Last week was momentous and a Running Group first: baby grandchild born in the middle of the run! Wendy and David, the thrilled grandparents, answered the phone and announced the happy birth right there on the sidewalks of Swissvale.  Giant mazel tov to them, Bud, Becky, Iggy and the whole fam.

Another (less momentous) first was our trek through the streets of downtown Swissvale, really cute and starring Master's Hardware store, which is possibly the last authentic hardware store within reasonable driving distance.  It has and does everything, including sharpen blades on push mowers. (Please everyone consider using a push mower - many available for a song on Craigslist. Will give you strong biceps and also save the planet.)  If you're wondering why this picture is here, it is one that Google posted for the store, for reasons truly unknown.

Biddle's was its usual delightful coffee locale - reminding us, whither Mahjong? (We used to have mahjong games there, also delightful, if you're interested, email the group.)  Numerous endorsements:

Thursday, June 01, 2017

June 4 Run: Meet at Biddle's Escape on Biddle Ave. in Wilkinsburg

We're meeting at Biddle's this week, for a run in any direction (Wilkinsburg? Regent Square? Frick Park?) which I have taken it upon myself to decide since even though there were two runs last week, nobody made a plan for this one.  I thought:  which coffee place is just right for the times?  And I thought of Biddle's.  Their signature drinks include a Kyoto Fog Tea Latte, and I also want to see what is on display across the street.

Last week we had both a regular and a holiday run. both with pretty good numbers, despite no message really going out.  Great mind-meld, everyone!  Weather was perfect, which helped.  I missed the Sunday run, but photos were covered by Virginia (sign has a surprising new translation, which actually I don't agree with, but hey.)  The Holiday run went down through Chatham and back up on Murray Hill Ave., where some of us re-lived RG's brief but now eternal appearance on the silver screen, and also recalled the most beautiful port-a-potty ever. At coffee we had a delightful Memorial Day encounter with a spunky genuine WW2 Vet who introduced himself as Billy the Kid.  We also got literally literary, endorsing:

  • good handwriting
  • bullet journals
  • use of writing to solve problems
  • tip from the PG about editing:  read it backwards!
  • and finally, the first Open Streets, which was awesome, especially the tunnel.  More coming the last Sunday of June and July.

Friday, May 19, 2017

May 21 Run: Boathouse at North Park! (See message for link to map.)

Hello, all!

For a change of pace, we're planning to meet at the Boathouse at North Park on Sunday, May 21st for a run around the lake.  Coffee afterward will be at Over The Bar in the Boathouse.

I've checked online, and as far as I can tell there is no race that morning that would impact parking or cause any road closures.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,