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Sunday, June 28, 2015

July 5 Run: Meet at Big Dog Coffee in the South Side (27th and Sarah St) plus Holiday run Friday July 3rd at 61C Cafe

This Friday, 7/3, join us for a holiday run at 61C Cafe, a bit later at 7:30 so you can sleep in.

Next Sunday, let's meet at Big Dog Coffee in the South Side so we can investigate possible Step Trek stair running.

I'm sending this out soon after our slightly damp run this morning in Lawrenceville to give adequate notice for a 7:30 screening tonight (Sunday) of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl at the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill.  A few of us will be there to check out what I hear is a fantastic film!

This morning, we had just a bit of mist (except for what some rowdy squirrels sprinkled on us from trees above) for Open Streets on the Lawrenceville side.  We ran up Penn, through Allegheny Cemetery, then down Butler.  A bit of excitement was setting up on Butler Street, and a fair number of people on foot, bikes, and strollers came out to support the event.

At coffee afterward, we discussed testosterone-induced forgetfulness (exactly what it sounds like), brick-and-mortar versus online shopping, and scary adventures like ziplining and repelling.  

Endorsements include:
A big sale at Carabella's in Oakmont

Something on the list of places to explore:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 28 Run: Espresso a Mano cafe on Butler Street for another Open Streets celebration

Next up:  Aimee reminded us that Open Streets is happening again next week, so we'll try it this time from the other direction.  We'll start and end at the Espresso a Mano cafe in Lawrenceville, 3623 Butler St., go up through Allegheny Cemetery, and come back via Penn Ave.

We had a nice classic run on Sunday, to Schenley Park and back to the 61C, fine weather, with the surprise return of the maverick trio of Tom, Jonathan and Paula, who assured us that the 5:45 a.m. Wed./Fri. run from Forbes and Murray is still on!  There was a time when this practice appeared to me basically insane, and then there was a time when I (resistance is futile) joined up for a while, and now I'm sort of going back to the original viewpoint, but mainly with awe.

Education:  The Pittsburgh Public Schools! Yes! Many of us - with our children - had and are having really good experiences, and we spent some time during the run and after lamenting all the unfair negative stories that are discouraging young parents from signing on.  More evidence: read the great Op-Ed piece in the PG by a student at the Obama School from that Sunday.

Entertainment:  More movies shot in the Burgh - where else?  Southpaw with Jake Gyllenhall - Love the Coopers with Diane Keaton - Concussion with Will Smith

Food:  Rick Easton's Bread & Salt bakery in Bloomfield - now in the New York Times!  Also the macarons from Jean-Marc Chatellier's bakery in Millvale, AND the handmade raviolis from the Groceria Italiana,  also in Bloomfield.

More insane physical activity engaged in by our members:  Rachel Carson 34-mile sunrise to sunset hike, called "brutal" even in the promo.  And the Ragnar Appalachian Trail Relay, "15 miles of Appalachian badassery" done entirely in the dark.  And finally, North Park Paddle Yoga!  Awesome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 21 Run: Meet at 61C Cafe for a Run of Runner's Choice

After a nice tour through Frick Park and Duck Hollow, we enjoyed refreshments at Virginia's house in Regent Square.  We were too engrossed in Pam's photos of her daughter's wedding that we forgot to plan a run for next week.  So, meet at 61C Cafe and we will think of something!

Squirrel Hill Night Market, although it's unclear when it will take place, some say July, others say August

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 14 Run: Meet at Virginia's house in Regent Square (1200 Lancaster Ave) for a Duck Hollow Run

Next Sunday, Virginia volunteered to not only lead a run to Duck Hollow, but to have coffee at her house after the run.  Two thumbs up!  Here are her directions:

Virginia's House: 1200 Lancaster Avenue, Regent Square. 15218

If coming from Squirrel Hill, head to Regent Square on Forbes, turn right on South Braddock and drive about 1/2 mile, thru the light and then just past the Square Cafe and turn right on Sanders (corner with McBrooms beer distributor, Typhoon and Vanilla Pastry). Go down four blocks toward Frick Park and you'll come to my house on the far left corner of Lancaster and Sanders.
       Please stay for coffee, light pastries afterward.

This past Sunday, we started and finished at Staghorn Cafe in Greenfield.  We first took the Greenfield Bridge to Schenley Park, looped through the trails in Panther Hollow, and climbed back up the giant hill to get coffee.  We were quite impressed with this new place, more with the merchandise than with the pastries (nothing fresh on Sundays, but discounted day-old pastries).  The place has an eclectic feel straight out of a Portlandia episode, complete with hilarious greeting cards, crocheted jellyfish (I kid you not!), Zeke's coffee, farmers market hand lotions, teas, etc.  It's definitely worth a trip.  Also, you can get Brunton Dairy glass milk jugs that you can bring back for refills!   No endorsements of note, except for Cuba!  (where Wendy recently made a trip!).

Friday, June 05, 2015

June 7 Run: Meet at Staghorn Cafe in Greenfield for a Greenfield/Schenley Park Run

This upcoming Sunday, Audrey will lead the run through Greenfield and into Schenley Park (while we can still run over the Greenfield Bridge!).  Meet at Staghorn Cafe at 517 Greenfield Avenue.

This past Sunday, we ran through Downtown and the Strip District during the Open Streets event.  We were able to meet up with Wendy and David, who traveled Downtown on bike to hop off and run with us.  There was so much activity and fun going on-- enough to satisfy the masses!  And I hear the event went very well.  I hear some of us even stayed for Zumba.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside in Market Square for coffee, so much so that I didn't keep track of endorsements (whoops!).  I will try better this Sunday.  Filling Roye's shoes is hard!

Photo credit Elaine Mormer

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 31 Run: Meet Downtown at the PPG Plaza/Tomb of Unknown Bowler

This Sunday, we'll check out the Downtown end of Open Streets Pittsburgh, where Penn Avenue and Butler Street between Market Square and Allegheny Cemetery will be closed to traffic between 7am and 1pm, and festivities abound!  Since the opening ceremony is at 8am in Market Square, with some famous speakers, it might be wise to try to carpool since there might be limited parking.  I have a lease in a parking garage and can fit 3 people in my car, leaving from Squirrel Hill, in case anyone is interested (let me know!).  Check out the information below on the event.  You may want to stick around after the run for Tai Chi, Zumba, or many other activities.

Last Sunday, Joanne lead us around both some familiar and not-so-familiar places in Highland Park.  A few of us complained of achy joints, tired muscles, etc. and we very nearly thought we might head back to Tazzo d'Oro instead of running since it's now open beginning at 7am.  But, we forged onward, because really, resistance is futile, right?

Post-run coffee topics included:
-Ghost town Trail, Clem's BBQ, Blairsville
-Cumberland-Frostburg train-bike "Triplette"
-Different ways to skewer chicken for shish kabobs

Running Group endorsements:
-Cowboy quinoa (Trader Joe's)
-Guilt-free guacamole (Trader Joe's)

What is OpenStreetsPGH? It is an event that will take places usually reserved for motor vehicles and open them up to all users, people who are walking, running, bicycling, skating, shopping and dancing.

The 2015 route for OpenStreetsPGH will be mainly on Penn Avenue and Butler Street, with Market Square in Downtown at one end and Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville at the other.

Penn Avenue and Butler Street and other roads will be closed to motorized traffic at 7:00 a.m. on each OpenStreets Sunday and will reopen at 1:00 p.m. Cars may cross the route only at major intersections.

There are three major program hubs along the route, one in Market Square in Downtown, one in the Strip District and one in Lawrenceville. Of course, the purpose behind Open Streets is to get folks to re-imagine city streets and recognize them as spaces to be used for many activities. Walk your dog – in the middle of Penn Avenue; ride your bike – all the way from Downtown to Lawrenceville without having to worry about cars; or let your child who is learning to online skate – practice in the middle of Butler Street. More information on OpenStreetsPGH is available 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 24 Run: Highland Park run starting and ending at the Tazza D'Oro cafe on Highland Ave.

Next week - as we love to do - we're taking Joanne up on her offer to lead a Highland Park run, starting at the Tazza D'Oro cafe on Highland Ave., which will open at 7 a.m. on a Sunday, reminding us that we're getting closer to a city that never sleeps!  (Well, a little closer.)

Future runs: Aimee reminds us that the 31st is the first Pittsburgh Open Streets day, so we'll beat everyone out there and take a route on Butler Street or Penn Ave. - details later.  And for the following week, Audrey has discovered an intriguing new cafe - the Staghorn - on Greenfield Ave. open early Sunday, so we'll discover that and run across the Greenfield Bridge before it closes.

About last Sunday and the brave but minimal showing of runners after a 6 a.m. downpour - I was about to write "oh, ye of little faith" but then did a search of this blog and discovered that I had said that AT LEAST 3 other times in similar circumstances - which means that I am repeating myself, but also that this happens a LOT!  For lo and behold, not a drop fell between 7 and 7:55, and the park was not even muddy, but just atmospherically jungly and misty.  We peered in at the rising new Nature Center building, and recalled the day a decade ago when the RG came across the smoking ruin.

We had a lovely coffee, but for one small thing:  please, 61C, take a look at the vintage of your customers in the early morning and save the weird indie music for the millennials that show up around noon.

The Ramen Bar on the Little's side of Forbes
The Jewish Sports Hall of Fame - kudos to Karen's family!
The Classic Lines Bookstore on Forbes in Squirrel Hill, and its wine-and-macarons events
The fact that both Karen and PtB are apparently related to the historical Jane Seymour, as seen in the also endorsed Wolf Hall on PBS (but why did it end before they told her story??)
The fact that Aimee and hopefully someone else will be your future bloggers for a while - as I'll be taking a blog break - thank you!!