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Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 30 Run: meet in Regent Square at 61B Cafe on Braddock

Sorry it's late!  A busy week - so just the location this time:
We're meeting in Regent Square at the 61B Cafe on Braddock Ave.
See you there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 23 Run: Start at Costco parking lot in the Waterfront

Next week we thought it would be fun to return to the Waterfront and run on the path along the Mon - stop at the labyrinth, ponder the Carrie Blast Furnaces, and reach the rear end of Kennywood - maybe head back through Homestead.  Not sure about coffee - possibly at the Starbucks right in the Waterfront - or is there someplace in Homestead?  We'll see.

Last week, a summery experience of Frick Park while it was still cool, taking us from the depths to the heights and then a lovely downhill back to the start, at the Five Points Bakery, which as a bakery is simply awesome, but for our largish group on Sunday, a little slow on the coffee and short on the chairs.  Not being good at writing while standing up, this is all I've got:

  • We are just as good as The Ethicist when determining the rights and wrongs of baseball ticket distribution.
  • Everything inside 5 Points Bakery is marvelous - particularly recommend the Tahini Cookies.
  • Vermont Bike Tours are great, even outside of Vermont.
  • So is Costco - stay tuned.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 16 Run: Five Points Bakery at 6520 Wilkins Avenue

This Sunday, let's start and end at the yummy Five Points Bakery at 6520 Wilkins Avenue (near Wilkins and Beechwood intersection).  There was some talk about running to Frick Park-- we'll see!

Last Sunday, I brought the group around to a less traversed section of Garfield near the water tower that  boasted some new housing, several community gardens, an old closed school with lots of potential, and tons of city steps.  Despite my reputation for taking the group on hilly runs, there was only one steep uphill, and it was worth it for the views.  We could see the Downtown and Oakland skylines!  I told people it was only 3.75 miles, but they were "vertical miles" for the elevation.  Let's embrace this beautiful topography!

I didn't stay long at coffee, but there was a coffee cocktail of the day as well as talk of frozen cocktails to make at home.  Both refreshing.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

August 9 Run: Start at The Commonplace at Voluto Cafe, 5467 Penn Ave., Garfield

For this coming Sunday, Aimee has a plan, starting and ending at the Commonplace at Voluto Cafe in Garfield, 5467 Penn Ave., sort of across from the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  New sights in store!

Last Sunday the air was cool, the sky was clear, the river was sparkling as we crossed the bridges to and from Washington's Landing, the coffee was strong, the meles were still warm - what more could we ask for?  Am including 3 photos so everyone is accounted for, including Sid and Cutch, vividly executed but never seen when the store is open.  Another reason to be up and about at 7.

Delightful coffee at La Prima, naturally, with various endorsements:
  • Traveling without the family - what conferences were invented for -
  • The Fort Pitt Museum
  • Birdman the movie, and also the documentary about casting by the famous Marion Dougherty 
  • a run in Troy Hill with a visit to the famous church with relics
  • Lake Arthur and its 14-mile bike route as well as pontoon boats
And best of luck to Gretchen's daughter who made it to the WYEP Singer/Songwriter Competition finals on August 24!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

August 2 Run: 21st and Liberty Ave. parking lot for a Strip District run

August already?? ! Might as well make that a bit sweeter with some almond meles, so we'll start at the parking lot overlooking the 21st and Liberty intersection, as we usually do, make our way over a few bridges, and return to La Prima in time for warm pastries (fingers crossed) and strong coffee.  No hills! (Almost.)

Last Sunday we ended up doing the Wendy Bennett Trailhead run backwards, which I sort of hoped would make time go in reverse, but no luck.  However, the park was lovely!

Coffee was chock full of endorsements:
(Does anyone remember Chock Full o'Nuts, the Heavenly Coffee?  What did that even mean?)
  • Push mowers - hurray for no lawn machine noise! - 2 are available from David Coulson (412-421-1230)
  • Support the urban forest and learn tree identification from Tree Pittsburgh
  • A true Shabbat without all those impossible rules - like many Israelis do it
  • Picklesburgh - I guess we missed it, but there's always next summer
  • Upscale exotic popsicles, aka Mexican paletas, available from Popstop around town but if you want to make them, a Vitamix is recommended, and Wendy knows how to get one half-price.
  • Moscow Mule cocktails
  • Food for Thought caterer on South Craig
  • The Independent bar in Squirrel Hill, Whiskey Wednesday and amazing brussels sprouts.
  • Superfunk!  H.B. Bennett's hit song, Shoot the Pump, and the upcoming Bootsie Collins concert at Hartwood Acres on Sunday

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 26 Run: 61C Cafe for a Runners' Choice Run

Whoops!  Saturday morning and I realized I haven't sent out the email yet.  Apologies for my delinquency.

Tomorrow, meet at 61C Cafe for a Runners' Choice run-- "someone will think of something."  I'm out of town, so I'll miss out on the adventures.

Speaking of adventures, we had lots of them last Sunday for our Vintage Grand Prix run in Schenley Park.  I shall call the run "In Search of Janis Joplin's Psychedelic Porsche."  Wendy's friend, Harvey, was visiting from Berlin, he an actor and his wife the Martha Stewart of Germany who just published a new book!  Harvey was focused on finding Janis Joplin's Psychedelic Porsche, so to find the porsche, we had to get to the golf course.  There were a lot of police officers guarding barricades all throughout the park, presumably to keep people safe and off the race track.  That didn't stop us from taking a little shortcut to the golf course (where we thought the porsche would be)-- doing what we do best, trespassing, with our Blatant Disregard for Authority:

If it's not blocked off, it must not be worth visiting

 Caution tape?  What caution tape?

We made it safely to the other side, checking Flagstaff Hill, then venturing up to the golf course to ask in vain for where the porsche would be.  Every car aficionado had different answers, and we were getting tired, so many of us split off from there, deciding water/coffee would be good to seek out instead of a porsche.  Wendy stuck by her friend Harvey, but later returned to the cafe without having found the porsche.

Discussions at coffee were cut short because it people had places to be, people to see, life to live!  See you next Sunday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

July 19 Run: Hobart and Guarino Streets at the entrance to Schenley Park (Fruit Loop side) for a Vintage Grand Prix Run

Next up, meet at the Schenley Park entrance on Hobart Street and Guarino near the Fruit Loop for a Vintage Grand Prix run to look at the cars.

Last Sunday, we ran an old favorite, a loop of Schenley Park on the trails, and the weather cooperated for a beautiful experience.

Topics of conversation at the coffee:

The need for more secure bike panniers
The kindness of strangers
Potential bike ride or long run: "Bike heaven" on the north side river trail downstream from science center.  
The Moth- upcoming Adam Gropnik and a moth evening Wednesday 9/30 - tickets go on sale 7/31 - maybe we have enough for a 'group' rate.

A cool photo from coffee and one from last week's South Side run: