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Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 4 Run: Colfax School on Beechwood Blvd.

On Sunday we'll meet at Colfax School on Beechwood Blvd. Maybe we'll revisit the new Frick Environmental Center?  Or the secret entrance to the park via rope line? Plans were sketchy, in fact I'm not even sure this was the locale, but we'll go with it.  Coffee most likely at 61C.  Coming soon: annual holiday run downtown!

Last week we ran at dawn, and tweaked a familiar route along Penn Ave in East Liberty - first paying respects to the once hopeful Democratic campaign HQ in Bakery Square (alav hasholom) and then heading up into high Garfield where Pam posed with an alarming crocodile and we encountered a bunch of whimsical decorations and a terrific view.

At coffee by the fireplace, we were treated to a celebrity visit by the adorable Iggie (his grandparents came too) and heard about the new Quantum Theater opera, wedding wardrobe malfunctions, and families and their mishegoss.  (All this Yiddish - must be the holidays!)

Thanks to group photojournalist Sarah for the photos!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 27 Run: Mellon Park parking lot where Beechwood meets Fifth Ave.

This week has been a bit crazy, so no news (also I lost the napkin.)  Let's just say we'll meet at the Mellon Park parking lot where Beechwood ends at Fifth Ave.   Coffee most likely at Bakery Square Coffee Tree, and we'll probably head up Penn Ave. to Allegheny Cemetery and try to run off some of that butter-laden holiday.  Though feel free to invent something new!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 20 Run: Wendy Bennett Trailhead - the Last Leaves of Fall Run

We'll meet up at 7 am (actually 7:05) Sunday at the Wendy Bennett Trailhead - where Bartlett meets Hobart in Schenley Park (map) - and hear the crunch of dead leaves underfoot surrounded by a brown and yellow haze, hopefully missing the rain.  Can you tell I'm depressed?  It's been a tough week.  I'm sure the run will be great.

But last Sunday was lovely - right at the border of 2 seasons with a red sun rising and white frost on the grass.  Also the deer (photo credit: Lainy) at this point are looking at us the same way teenage kids do - "oh, not you again."  And the season is already getting busy, so most had to run off before coffee - but we did get this endorsement:
Annual Harvest Dinner at the Jamison Farm, famous for its lamb - but you REALLY have to like lamb.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 13 Run: Blue Slide entrance to Frick Park on Beechwood Blvd. opposite Nicholson

This Sunday we’ll meet at the entrance to Frick Park by the “Blue Slide” playground on Beechwood Blvd, so we can enjoy the sight of brilliant fall colors and the sound of fallen leaves crunching beneath our shoes.

During last week’s run Teri took us on a whimsical tour of little free libraries sprinkled about Squirrel Hill. The photo tells it all. Happy Birthday to Teri!!!

(Thanks to Elaine for posting)

Friday, November 04, 2016

November 6 Run: 61C Cafe in Squirrel Hill again

There was some talk of next week's run being a Little Library tour, but without a particular zone - so we might as well meet at the old standby, 61C Cafe, and see what little libraries we can find from there.  We'll at least find the Big Library at the corner of Forbes and Murray - where, we are reminded, there is still the infamous weekday run that starts every Wednesday and Friday at 5:45 a.m.!

In a hurry again (still looking for some other bloggers to take a turn or two) so not reporting a lot about last week - luckily Sarah sent this photo.
We saw some pretty impressive Halloween displays, including a giant mobile cat head, and a yard full of creepy ghosts at Aylesboro and Murray.


  • Annie Proulx's Barkskin and Accordion Crimes
  • Attack Theater
  • perhaps Mall Cop
  • BodenUSA Liquidation Sale at David Lawrence Convention Center Saturday Nov. 12
  • NCJW Designer Days - evidently up and running - though described as "not as good as it used to be, just like life itself" - still worth a try, at Lawrenceville location.
  • not taking your Samsung phone on a plane
  • Shmatas and their interventions - ask at the next coffee

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 30 Run: Start at 61C Cafe in Squirrel Hill for Halloween Theme Run

Short and sweet - courtesy of Elaine:

Next week’s run meet at 61C in Squirrel Hill for the annual Halloween Inflatables tour!
Last week’s run took us on a spectacular sunrise loop around North Park Lake. Coffee was at the North Park Boathouse lakeside restaurant.

Photos tell more - courtesy of Sarah and Teri:

Teri: "If we could we would run about the earth seeking the successive autumns. (With apologies to George Eliot)".

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 23 Run: North Park Boathouse parking lot

(Further update:  if you want to carpool to North Park, be at 61C Cafe at 6:30)
(Thanks to Elaine for this update!)

NEXT WEEK: FIELD TRIP TO THE NORTH! We’ll welcome in the fall colors with the 5 mile loop around North Park Lake. Meet in the parking lot of the North Park Boathouse (here's a map.) If that lot is closed off for an event, park across the street at the Rose Barn lot.
We had a hearty group of runners and walkers this week, heading out under the light of the Hunter’s Supermoon. We ran from the 61C to and through Schenley Park, thanking Mary Schenley for her kind gift of this spectacular wooded haven.  The trees are showing fall colors and a friendly deer unflinchingly  greeted us along the trail.   Coffee was boisterous and we were glad to see Audrey to wish her a fond farewell.
Duolingo- Free app for learning or reviewing a 2nd language. (Laurie was speaking French before the first cup of coffee was consumed!)
Neutrogena- Rapid Wrinkle repair
Using a napkin to record coffee talk endorsements (which was not done!)