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Friday, July 22, 2016

July 24 Run: Mellon Park parking lot at Beechwood and Fifth

I'm just making this one up because our original plan for Sunday is postponed for a few weeks - so let's meet at the Mellon Park parking lot across from the intersection of Beechwood and Fifth Ave. We can either head up Penn Ave. towards Allegheny Cemetery, or down Fifth towards Shadyside. We'll flip a coin!  And a choice for coffee at Bakery Square:  Panera or Coffee Tree - choose your adventure.

Now returning to this post the following day, after (against my better judgment) watching the end of the Republican Convention, I can no longer summon any lightness, so will just report that last week's run all around Frick Park showed us new ways of seeing it and its neighbors, and the coffee at Audrey's was showed us more of the joys of friendship and of baking.
Two notes:

  • If you have had any recent problems posting to the list, please let me know at roye.werner@gmail.com - we're still working on this
  • If anyone is interested in learning Mahjong (sort of a cross between bridge and dominoes - RG has numerous fans, most of which are beginners), please contact Audrey at aekane@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                         

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 17 Run: Frick Park run beginning on Kensington St. in Pt. Breeze

On Sunday we have a special treat which will be a potluck coffee at Audrey's, so we'll start there.  It's on Kensington St. (a small street) in Pt. Breeze - off of Braddock (towards Frick Park) between Penn and Forbes (closer to Forbes.)  Not much parking on Kensington, but should be plenty on Braddock. If anyone wants to contribute any goodies, please see Wendy's shared google sheet to see what's already there.

As for Sunday's run downtown, so much transpired that we are letting the photos below do the talking.  In order, side and below: 
  • Visit (#1) of our dear friend and fellow runner Jacquie, with husband Tony and new baby Paavo, en route from their home in Iowa to NYC. 
  • Tour (#2,3) conducted by Teri of the awesome 33-story new Tower at PNC Plaza with its "state of the art green technology," art everywhere and astounding views.  
  • Tour (#4,5) conducted by Virginia of the bright and open new offices, home to all those familiar names that tell us what's new every morning, of the historic Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
  • New art underfoot on Strawberry Way (#6) 
Also the weather was sparkling.


Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July 10 Run: Downtown starting at the PPG fountain (aka Tomb of the Unknown Bowler)

Next Sunday we'll meet at PPG Place downtown at the usual starting time of 7 (plus 5 minutes) - parking can usually be found on 4th Ave.  If there is anything you want to check out downtown, hold that thought and we'll put it on the route. Like the new installation on Strawberry Way for instance.  Or some Furries still hanging around from last week's convention.

The holiday weekend as usual provided for double dipping, through perfect weather on both Sunday and Monday from the old 61C.  (It's actually not that old, at least for Pittsburgh.)  First run went straight down Murray into Greenfield, where Wendy obliged with the correct pronunciation of B'nai Emunah, and we discovered a new Asian massage place, and then backtracked on Beechwood. Second run headed through Schenley Park and then took a winding route through the CMU campus, where we found a terrace with a great view behind the Potato Chip (aka Scaife Hall) and after finding an open door, did some dubious traipsing around inside, down corridors and through tunnels.

Coffee outdoors at 61C was a treat both days, with just a few endorsements:
  • Masters Hardware - just like the olden days - in Swissvale on Noble St.
  • The reincarnation of Mr. Rogers (we always knew he had Buddhist tendencies) in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and those songs that make us cry
  • Imagining alternative futures - mainly the one where Al Gore becomes president - but also
    • 11/22/63 by Stephen King (evidently unputdownable)
    • The Man in the High Castle (book by Philip Dick and also Amazon Prime series)
    • The Plot Against America by Philip Roth
  • The Frangipane Tart (via PtB) and also the Gin & Lemon Tart (could we get that one too?)
  • Almond Macaroons (via me) adapted from my brief sojourn in Enrico's bakery

Friday, July 01, 2016

July 3: Meet at 61C Cafe for a Runners' Choice Run; July 4 holiday also at 61C

I have been out of town, but didn't want to leave you hanging.  I return early tomorrow morning, so I hope to make it to one or both of the runs this time!

Apologies for not getting this out earlier:

Sunday July 37am at 61C
Monday July 47:30 at 61C

Friday, June 17, 2016

June 19 Run: Meet at 61C Cafe for a Runners' Choice Run

This Sunday, let's meet at our default location, 61C Cafe, for a spontaneous unplanned run. We have a few runners out of town, or on the injured list, so if you come to the run, there's a good chance your route idea will win!

Last Sunday's run started at the waterfront and crossed the bridge over to Duck Hollow, then followed the river for a while.  We still need to do some reconnaissance on how/whether the trail connects with the Glenwood Bridge.

We are all very excited about the Hays woods becoming a city park, so any intrepid runners with a day off wanting to do some exploring for a future run would be welcomed.  There is the question as to where to park/meet, as none of the news articles mentioned specific locations of trailheads.  The Running Group is no stranger to bushwhacking, so this news was very exciting indeed.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

June 12 Run: Meet at the Waterfront Starbucks for a Trail and/or Duck Hollow Run

This Sunday, let's start and end at the Starbucks in the center of the Waterfront for a trail and/or Duck Hollow run.  

Last Sunday was full of delights: a nice figure eight through the lush, leafy Schenley Park, then a delicious brunch in celebration of Wendy's birthday, hosted by fellow runner Elaine.  Focusing less on a number and more on the fabulous things that have come to those who have reached said number, it was a lively party that lasted almost until the time when normal, non-morning people have their brunches.  There were too many conversations to post endorsements, but I do recall some baby bump comparisons, the larger of which hopefully doesn't foretell the presence of multiples! More to come... but there are at least two new baby runners in the oven.  All very exciting.  And Elaine's backsplash definitely lived up to the hype!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

June 5 Run: Meet at Wendy Bennett Trailhead for Wendy's Birthday

Next week, let's meet at the Wendy Bennett trailhead (intersection of Bartlett, Greenfield Ave, Blvd Allies) for a Schenley Park run.  Elaine will be hosting a potluck brunch/coffee at her house after the run in honor of Wendy's birthday.  Contact Elaine at emormer@pitt.edu if you need her exact address.  Also, feel free to drop off any perishable items at Elaine's house before the run.

Last week was a humid start to the day, as we made our way through the back alleys and train trestles of Lawrenceville.  Open Streets was about to kick off.  Some of us peeled off to do some Open Street yoga; the rest of us went to Barb's Corner Cafe for a delicious brunch.  Although the hipster effect has raised the prices a bit, it was still worth every penny.  Although the conversation was engaging, we didn't really discuss any endorsements per se.  See you on Sunday!