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Friday, April 29, 2016

May 1 Run: Mellon Park at Fifth and Beechwood

Thanks to Virginia for the run summary.  And good luck to all the marathoners on Sunday!

From Virginia:

On Sunday, May, 1, we are meeting at Mellon Park on Fifth Ave., in the parking lot next to the playground which is next to the tennis bubbles. Remember there is the marathon that day.

    Here is what we talked about this past Sunday:
    For jewelry repair, use Kenyon Jewelry in Wilkinsburg

    We talked about the history of how the Schenley Park trail got the name of the Wendy Bennett Trail -- which apparently is now retrievable in a Google search.

    Other recommendations:
    Ace Hotel for coffee, especially sitting at the bar

    Black pudding and white pudding (Dishes that Iain had when he was in Scotland recently) and vegetarian haggis.

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 24 Run: the famous Wendy Bennett Trailhead

Sunday's run starts as usual at 7 a.m. (with the 5-minute delay) at the now famous Wendy Bennett Trailhead in Schenley Park - at the foot of the Schenley Oval (map) - you'll see us standing there.

Sorry for the late message - one thing retirement does for you is alter time - who knows what day it is?  Last Sunday's run through Frick Park was almost cinematic - a misty sunshine outlining our forms through the branches, surrounded by pinpoints of green leaves. And the drama didn't end there:  our prescient decision to sit outside at the 61C meant that we were ON THE SCENE as an electrical line across the street popped, fizzled and fell down among the cars. In a flash Kristin was calling 911 and Joanne was directing traffic.  LIVES WERE SAVED undoubtedly.  This was so exciting that it precluded most endorsements, except for:

  • assertion evidence slide design  (we are nerds)
  • memories of safety patrol, especially the belts (we may always have been nerds)
  • incredibly comfortable shoes (admittedly nerdy) that Sharon and I have been wearing for years: Clark's Un.loop 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 17 Run: Colfax School for perhaps a Frick Park run

Next run will begin at the Colfax School at Beechwood and Douglas in Squirrel Hill, and we'll enjoy some early springtime in Frick Park if it's not too muddy, or snowing - which is almost exactly what this blog says last year at this time, proving yet again that April is the cruelest month.  (However, the forecast is for 70 and sunny!)

Last week we met in Highland Park, and Joanne took us in the other direction - to Stanton Heights - which are very high!  But we all made it and saw some excellent views, not to mention streets and houses rarely encountered in our usual travels.  The Tazza D'Oro was inviting as always, and as usual we covered a lot of bases:

  • Kosher cakes
  • Iontophoresis - new way to ingest pharmaceuticals electronically, next we will put USB ports in humans
  • the origins of the phrase "jumped the shark"  - Happy Days? Really?
  • something I can't remember but it included the question "Was it because they couldn't smell him under the dumpster?" 
  • Thriftique Sale, April 14-17 - 51st St. in Lawrenceville
  • Book:  Nathan Englander's For the relief of unbearable urges
  • The blitz episode from How I met your mother
  • the excellent apple dumplings at the cafe! And, I found the children's book that they reminded me of - also endorsed -

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

April 10 Run: Tazzo d'Oro for a Highland Park Run

Last Sunday, only two runners made it for the Allegheny Cemetery run.  I suppose the threat of icy roads kept many away (or fun Saturday night plans kept us in bed Sunday morning).

Thanks to Gretchen and Joanne, a run was chosen for next Sunday, back to Highland Park.  This is a great opportunity to still see the views out to the river before the trees are completely leafed out.  Meet at Tazzo d'Oro on Highland near the intersection with Bryant.  Maybe we can look for signs of our reluctant Spring.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

April 3 Run: Starting at Caffe D'Amore on Butler at 54th, Lawrenceville: Allegheny Cemetery

Spring has sprung along with a multitude of gorgeous Magnolia trees, and Allegheny Cemetery is the perfect setting, so we'll explore.  Start and coffee will be at Caffe D'Amore at 5400 Butler St. in Lawrenceville.

On Sunday we had a first:  exploring Aspinwall!  It's adorable.  We started at the Aspinwall Riverfront Park - with a whimsical climbing sculpture by a famous artist - and more is planned, including free ice skating in the winter - could be great.  It is apparently so safe that one house had, among its inflatable-sized Easter decorations, an elaborate outdoor miniature train set just sitting out there.  It's also so small that within a short time we found ourselves in Fox Chapel, invading one of the private drives of the 1 percent.

Due to the Easter holiday, we had coffee at... the Waterworks Giant Eagle! Astoundingly, they have an entire comfy Starbucks tucked inside - along with a pretty impressive beer emporium - who knew?
  • New Barebones Theater production:  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - April 21-May 7 at the New Hazlett Theater 
  • Podcast: The Hidden Brain
  • Busgazer app for telling you when the next bus is coming
  • Hotels that have fire pits with s'mores, like they do in Duluth
  • in a period full of bad news, here's some great news: chocolate boosts your workout
Not exactly endorsed, she said scowling, but she's not really:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 27 Run: Aspinwall - Meet at Beans 'n Cream, 16 Brilliant Avenue

So we're crossing a river!  On Sunday we're starting at Aspinwall Beans 'n Cream on 16 Brilliant Ave. (map) - checking out a whole new neighborhood.

This is not really a shlep, so don't kvetch - as we discussed along with various other yiddish words last week, including ufsalukhus (sp?), which Lainy uses to great effect but when I've tried to find it, all I come up with is koolasuchus, some kind of Australian dinosaur which may or may not be related.  All this occurred at the cozy Big Dog Coffee place at the end of a pretty great South Side run.  We visited the origination spot for the StepTrek, ran down many adorable residential streets, discovered the new part of the trail overlooking another marina, and climbed on various ancient steelworks relics.  We also witnessed the big development going on at the former Duquesne Brewery - the Brew House Lofts.  As we came in from the cold, Big Dog had a fire going in the fireplace - some of us just stayed and stayed.

As a result, many endorsements:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 20 Run: Meet at Big Dog Coffee for a Southside Run

Next Sunday, meet at Big Dog Coffee (2717 Sarah Street) for a South Side run!

This past Sunday, we started and ended at 61C, running down Murray Avenue down to Greenfield, then coming back up the hill via Greenfield Avenue, Lilac, and Shady.  We saw many new and old businesses throughout Squirrel Hill and Greenfield.  We also saw the place where an SUV accidentally drove on top of the roof of the Greenfield Giant Eagle (from the rear, via Greenfield Avenue); thankfully the fence held the car back from hitting the brick wall!

I don't have any major endorsements to share with you from coffee since there were only three of us and we mainly discussed public vs. private schools since the whole school decision is nearing for me personally.  Well, I should say, the chocolate pastry and apple danish from 61C Cafe could be endorsed :-).